кастер трой

Беня. Просто Беня.

Veni, Vidi, Vici

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WARNING SCAM! Evgeniia Safonova Bouchet !
кастер трой
WARNING SCAM! Evgeniia Safonova Bouchet !

   I want to warn you from working with a crook , at whose hands have been affected a lot of people.
It works under many names and contacts are listed below the main ones.

Note that this man would do anything to beg you to advance , it will lie, crouch and hypocrite !
Be sure you work in the end did not get!
By various machinations she stole from some people on the amount of EURO 1000 !

Currently criminal hiding in France , as in Russia, it opened a criminal case and is being pursuit! That's what caused the name change with Eugenia Safonovoj on Jane Bouchet!


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